Sunday, September 30, 2012

I know this guy.

Okay, so I realize that most of my followers here are the same people who follow me on Twitter (and who can see what I like on Facebook--creepy, btw), but I had to share it again.

This? This is my friend Kevin:

Fostering Tech Talent in Schools

A few years ago--like, after I knew him--Kevin needed an extra challenge on top of his day job, and he started teaching first period (actually, I think it was technically zero period) Computer Science at a high school near his apartment. Then he decided to use his master's in education (may we all make such good use of those graduate degrees that we feel so compelled to collect), and that other CS grads like him should be doing the same thing if we really want to continue matching the hiring needs of tech companies around the world. Then he found a way to make that his job while remaining a full-time employee at Big Company That Pays The Bills(tm) and using the company's resources (people and money) to grow the program. *Then* he was featured in the BCTPTB's recent yearly company meeting...and then in the New York Times.

I'm so insanely proud, you guys. To know someone who's stumbled on their life's calling, and then made it an official job, and then got a ginormous company to throw some money at it (maybe not directly related, but still a nice connection), and then got recognized in a world class publication? Add that to the variety of excellent people that I've met between high school, college, and beyond, and damn. We're good people, guys.

...And one of these days I'll convince my husband to start getting up early so he can join this program. Time to use that CS degree (in addition to your current job, whatevs), sweetie!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Take one particularly hideous choir audition (the director is re-screening members, presumably to weed out people like me who absolutely crumble when forced to sing solo) a couple of days ago, and combine with the discovery of vocals-only tracks of iconic songs by fantastic singers. What do you get? Yes, lots of envy...but I had to post this anyway. It's too awesome. 
In related news, my fingers are crossed that I'll be allowed to continue singing with this choir once I get through another travel season at work, but even I wouldn't let me back in. The audition was that bad, and now I'm questioning the whole concept of "talent" and whether I have any, since singing--solo, at least--clearly isn't a strength of mine. But that's another post. (#pityparty)