Thursday, July 12, 2007

The saga begins...

Heyyyyy kids,

Rather than share my adventures in moving, unpacking and adjusting to life in Seattle via the shared blog or email, I figured I'd join the hordes of bloggers and do the bulk of my pontificating here. Topic 1: Packing sucks. It really, really sucks. I've spent the past four days assembling boxes, filling them with items I may or may not need, and paying an exorbitant amount to fly them across the country, but my room shows little sign of progress (save the now-bare walls, which just makes it look sad). I'm sending off a big shipment tomorrow, at which point I hope to be able to see my floor again, but even though most of my clothes and books will be gone, I'll still have to deal with a closet and desk full of papers. Oh, the papers.

I'm also starting to suspect that my denial skills are faltering -- while I've managed to largely avoid thinking too hard about this whole leaving-New-Haven thing, it's gotten a lot harder since I started packing (and writing my new address over and over...and over...). I spent my childhood in L.A., but after eight years, New Haven has become more of a home to me than any place in California. While I'm sure Seattle will eventually start feeling like home, the next few weeks (months?) will probably be a confusing, lonely time. I suspect it'll really start sinking in tomorrow between sending off the bulk of my boxes, getting rid of furniture and hanging out with several of my favorite people, most of whom I don't expect to see again until at least November.

Why am I moving again?

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^kat^ said...

...because you will LOVE Seattle, and your new job, seriously. seriously!

Also, Bloglines has apparently decided to stop checking for new posts on blogger blogs, which is why I didn't know this existed till now. booo. I hope they fix whatever's going on with them.

and yay blog! red snapper! verrrry tasty.