Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and time goes by so slowly

...actually, no. No it doesn't.

Spring has been an odd mix of nonstop craziness and lazy days of knitting and the Food Network. (One day I will run away and join Duff and the gang at
Charm City Cakes. Fair warning.) Between a second weekend in Portland, the discovery of my new favorite board game, and the weekend in which I visited most of the West Coast's major cities, I have worked my way through most of "Arrested Development," a backlog of New Yorkers and 9/10 of a pair of socks.

Here's a guided tour of my recent adventures:

cool sky in Portland

unflattering photo of my legs on the first (and, so far, only) warm day (yaaaay beach!)

wedding! this took place in san diego and was the source of my whirlwind west coast tour (layover in SF on the way down, LA on the way back)

baby! also at the wedding. I last saw her at christmas and I didn't think it was possible but she has somehow become even cuter.

spoils from an awesome, awesome concert

Also, let me just pause here and thank United Airlines for NOT screwing up my (admittedly risky) plan to return from San Diego and attend the aforementioned concert mere hours later. I had my doubts, especially because "importance of attending engagement" usually correlates with "probability that something major will go wrong," but no! United delivered me (and my luggage!) safely home in plenty of time.

Now, Alamo, on the other hand...

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^kat^ said...

holy craaaaaap that's an awesome t-shirt

Also, my mom LOVES that Ace of Cakes show and is constantly talking to me on the phone about it when I call. It's good to have an independent source corroborating that she's not entirely crazy.

10 days till Seattle!!!