Friday, November 30, 2007

No. F-ing. Way.

I mean, I knew this was a possibility when I moved here, but really? Snow?? Tomorrow??? And it's not like New England, where snow showers mean the roads *might* be a little treacherous at first, but the plows will soon come and the drivers will be careful and everyone will generally stay calm; no, apparently snow in Seattle trips an OMG MUST PANIC button in all of the natives' heads. Earlier today I witnessed an email conversation about last year's two snowstorms (I don't know how much snow actually fell, but I would put money on considerably less than a foot...combined), one of which happened to arrive *just* as the evening rush hour began. Public transit drivers applied chains incorrectly, then became stranded miles from their destinations; commuters abandoned their cars on bridges and walked the rest of the way home; people slept in their offices...I suppose I should be happy that this storm will arrive on a weekend, when leaving my apartment is (mostly) optional, but I've heard so many horror stories that I'm expecting the absolute worst. Stay tuned -- there will *definitely* be photos...assuming I can find my camera's cable, since I'm using the laptop that doesn't have the memory card reader. Huh. There *might* be pictures...

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