Saturday, December 1, 2007

God I hate this weather

As promised... *sigh*
Yes, yes, it's pretty and all (that's the view from my living room window, btw), and this being the beginning of December it's hard not to feel a slight twinge of Christmas-y-ness (considering how long decorations have been in stores, it's amazing I held out this long), but the STUPID SNOW RUINED MY PLANS. While I managed to get my errands (and very important coffee shop-sitting) done before the snow started, I had two tickets to a Christmas concert beginning in...negative 14 minutes, and as is probably apparent from the fact that I am sitting in front of a laptop instead of in a dimly-lit church, I will not be attending said concert. I *thought* I'd be okay since the church is only a couple of miles away, and I wanted to take a cab rather than drive myself since a cabdriver would likely be better able to handle any crazies or unplowed roads, but when I called for a cab a full hour before the concert and got nothing but busy signals from multiple companies (at one point I was alternating cellphone and landline, hitting "redial" on each), it became clear that (1) no one else in Seattle wanted to drive, either and (2) even if I managed to get a taxi to the concert, God knows how long I'd have to wait for a taxi *home*. My co-ticket holder, a friend from work, bowed out earlier this evening since she lives several miles and a treacherously icy bridge further away, so I don't feel *too* guilty, but BOOO. This was supposed to be my first official Christmas-y event, and thanks to the weather -- or rather, the city's collective freak-out about the weather -- I am decidedly grinchy. Bah, I say. Humbug, even. So instead of listening to Christmas music, I will probably spend the evening knitting and YouTube-ing They Might Be Giants videos...which isn't the *worst* thing in the world, but it wasn't my first choice either. But my, there are a lot of odd fan-made TMBG videos, the most impressive of which that I've found so far is this:

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