Thursday, July 29, 2010

One down, two to go

Well, "two" is a bit gracious. I initially scheduled three wedding venue visits within a few days of each other, but if none of these feels right then I've got a whole list of other places to try. The possibilities are awfully close to endless, which thought simultaneously thrills and terrifies me.

But anyway, we saw venue #1 of 3 (...scheduled visits) this afternoon, and it was...well, nice, I guess. If I give our three current options cute little nicknames, this one would be called "Seattle Urban." (The other two are now deemed "The View" and "The Garden.") It's a yacht club on the shores of Lake Union (the lake surrounded by Seattle, as opposed to the lake surrounded by Seattle and its suburbs, and different from the other lake surrounded by Seattle), and while the view of the sun setting over the water was very pleasant, that was pretty much all it had going for it. The room was dark even with the maximum amount of sun streaming through the wall of windows, and even though it was supposed to comfortably hold our projected number of guests, I could just see everyone tripping over each other to get to the buffet, bar, and even smaller patio. Oh, and did I mention that it was located just underneath a highway overpass? The noise wasn't deafening, and there'd likely be less traffic noise during a Sunday afternoon ceremony, but it was another turn-off.

The recommended catering company sounds great (and we may try to hire them for another venue), but it just didn't feel right for the amount of money they were charging for the full package. The Boy and I decided out in the car that this was a pretty definite no, and it feels good to cross an option off of our list but I'm hoping that something feels right soon.

Coming up on Saturday: The View. (Also a friend's wedding shower, a choir barbecue, and another friend's housewarming. Saturday will be busy.)

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