Monday, July 5, 2010

This blog just got girly

So...this happened:

We couldn't be happier, and my super-awesome fiance (holy crap, that's the first time I've used the word) is living up to his adjectives by smiling happily through the minor freak-outs I've already had about details, dresses, money, etc. We've set up a shared workspace for wedding-related documents (including a spreadsheet for the guest list--yes, we're nerds), I've built a profile and a bare-bones wedding site on theknot, I bought my first Brides magazine today (along with this month's Cosmopolitan--old habits die hard), and as previously mentioned the (minor) panic attacks have started. I generally don't enjoy uncertainty, decision-making, or massive life changes, so until we put down a deposit on a wedding venue and start throwing darts at the wall to settle details I'm going to be at full freakout mode on all three. (The third will likely wear off just in time for me to get pregnant.)

But as much as the whirlwind of this past weekend scares me, every time I look down (or see my Facebook wall posts, or open my email inbox, or look at my wonderful fiance and our healthy cats, who will hopefully someday get along) I'm reminded that I'm a lucky, lucky girl. This marriage--whenever, wherever, and however it begins--is going to be GREAT.

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