Sunday, July 25, 2010


That's been my response to pretty much every question I've been asked so far about the wedding. "When is it?" Shrug. "Where is it?" Shrug. "Where's your honeymoon?" Shrug. Lots of shrugging going on. (Also, the word "shrug" has lost all meaning to me from typing it so many times. Shrug shrug shrug. Funny word.)

We have some ideas so far: Summer 2011, ideally late July (when summer officially begins in these parts) or August. Probably on a Sunday to save money. (This may also save the out-of-town guests some money since they can travel on Saturday and Monday. Everybody wins!) Somewhere in the Puget Sound area, ideally close enough to Seattle that the travelers can fly into the major airport and easily transport themselves to a chain hotel that participates in their chosen travel points program. But when exactly and where exactly? Shrug.

(I DO have bridesmaids and the officiant all lined up, though. Priorities!)

But anyway, I was inspired to write this blog post by a different type of shrug. I have...issues with my upper arms, and from what I've seen so far something like 90% of wedding gowns (and 100% of the ones I've seen that I would consider wearing) are sleeveless, if not strapless. This poses a problem with my...issues. (Long story short: fast weight gain as a kid + dark skin = scars that no amount of weight loss or tanning will remove. If I could go back and tell 8-year-old me to put down the milkshake, I totally would.) So barring a major personality change which renders me totally at peace with my body's quirks, I will be in the market for a short-sleeved sweater-type-thing. In other words, a shrug.

So, thought #1: I'm going to look for a shrug to wear with my dress, ideally in a color complementing the color scheme (what's the color scheme? shrug) and lightweight enough that I won't overheat during the (hopefully outdoor) ceremony or while dancing at the reception. Thought #2: I knit. A lot. (Like, enough that my fiance secretly worked with two of my friends to learn how to knit the pouch in which he presented the ring. Yes, it was as cute as it sounds.) And I can handle fairly intricate projects--heck, I'm working on a semi-complicated lace scarf/wrap right now. So why don't I make my own shrug?

(Note to next-summer self: When I'm awake at 3am the night before the wedding finishing the last few rows, don't curse my just-engaged self too harshly. It honestly sounded like a good idea at the time.)

Here are some ideas I've come across on a cursory search through Ravelry (worth joining if you're at all interested in knitting or crocheting, and possibly my favorite/most dangerous technological discovery since online yarn stores). I don't think in-site links are accessible to non-members, so here are some photos (with apologies to their photographers):

Pretty wavy lace shrug, on a bride no less! I may do shorter sleeves, but I like.

A little more intricate lace here. Again, the sleeves look a bit long, but that can be fixed.

I'm not a huge fan of the lace pattern, but it's a nice length. And this bride looks so happy!

Actual decision to come in a few weeks, although any final decision and yarn-purchasing (ooh, maybe I'll spring for cashmere. You only live once...) should wait until I've done some dress-shopping and, oh, picked the theme colors. But maybe I'll find yarn in the perfect shade of blue that inspires the rest of the color scheme...and now it's clear why no other decisions have been made.

Sigh. Getting there.

Edited to add: If any of the images don't show up, email me. I'm linking directly to image URLs, some of which may require Ravelry membership to view.

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